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June 13th 2023 - 1pm Tour - Cowichan Bay After a couple days absent we were lucky to encounter the Bigg's killer whales today on our afternoon t

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New Check In Procedures for COVID-19


1. Check in time is 30 minutes prior to departure.When you and your group arrive at our office in Cowichan Bay you will notice four large blue and green painted squares located outside our shop. Choose a square and remain there with your party until you are called forward for check in procedures. While awaiting the check in process, please ensure that you are observing social distancing of two meters with other passengers at all times.

Please note: Ocean Ecoventures staff will greet you as you arrive, however they will not beavailable for early check in. If you arrive early and do not see Ocean Ecoventures staff,please be assured that they are either in the office or on the dock and will assist you shortly.Please ensure that you have brought a non medical cloth mask or face covering. If you do not have a face covering, we will provide you with one.

2. Once you are called forward for check in procedures with Ocean EcoVentures staff, you will follow the one way directional  arrows as you exit your coloured square and make your way to the staff member. The passenger group behind your group will follow you and remain in your vacated spot until they are called, etc.

Once you have vacated your coloured waiting spot every member of your party will answer a brief health questionnaire to ensure that all passengers boarding the boat are free of Covid-19 symptoms. Any passenger who does present with such symptoms will be denied boarding and will receive a refund.

3. Following the health questionnaire, hand sanitizer will be offered to each passenger and a staff member will then distribute floatation devices and face coverings for those passengers who did not bring one.  While we strongly encourage you and your group to use washroom facilities prior to arriving for check in, there is a washroom available at the check in office if necessary.
Your passenger group will now be directed back to the blue and green squares to await the check in process for the remaining passengers.

4. When all passengers have completed the check in process, the captain will walk everybody to the dock where you and your group will once again be directed to holding spots where floatation devices and non medical cloth face coverings will be donned, while observing two meters of social distancing from other passengers.

5. When all passengers have donned their floatation devices and face coverings and are safely seated in the boat, the captain will provide a detailed Safety Briefing. Once the Safety Briefing is complete, the adventure begins!


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